Tech students are good at solving problems. However, some problems were never meant to be solved alone. UNITED serves as a platform to bring all resources related to mental health at Georgia Tech under one portal. If you are worried about a friend, be brave enough to help them find the help they need. We know Tech can be tough, but together Tech students are tougher.

Why is this important?
Many students experience emotional challenges and difficulties. Often, fear of judgment, isolation, and discrimination may keep students from getting the help they need and the support they deserve.

In fact, a wide range of people experience emotional difficulties and challenges, including doctors, politicians, lawyers, engineers, professors, business owners, and scientists. They are our colleagues, family, and fellow students. Those who experience mental health challenges are not defined by their condition. It is just a small part of who they are and how they live their lives.

You can help to end stigma by openly accepting students who are struggling with mental health into the Georgia Tech community. We can make a difference only if students, faculty, staff and families stand UNITED on Tech’s campus.

Undergraduate Students
Tech students are tough. We know you can solve many problems on your own- whether it is your thermodynamics problem set or changing a tire. However, some things in life are easier to work through with some help. If you feel in over your head, there is someone else on campus who has been there before. Reach out for guidance.

Graduate Students
Graduate students sometimes face pressures on the path to success. No matter what challenges you face, know that you are not alone. You are not the only one to feel like you may need help. Tech has a wide array of staff and resources available to assist you.

Concerned Friend
Everyone wants to do the best they can to support their friends, but when someone close to you needs help it can be hard to know what to do or how to start. A great first step is to reach out for help yourself. Learn how to be a good listener. Know the signs of someone in distress. Learn about the offices and programs at Tech that offer support. Talk to one of the many professionals at Tech for guidance on how to make the good decisions for you and your friend. The Dean of Student’s has an anonymous referral program if you are concerned about a friend. They can ensure your friend gets the help they need:

Support at Tech is a network. Faculty and staff members are a crucial part of this network. As a professor or staff member, you may observe a student struggling with academic or personal problems. You may be approached by a student for guidance or advice. Do you have the information and perspective to point students in the right direction?

Learn more about the typical challenges faced by students at GT and learn where a student can find help. Our resources section offers insight into the resources for living and learning at GT. Specifically, if you are concerned about a student and are not sure what to do, fill out the Dean of Students referral form.

Georgia Tech parents and families are the foundation for building and enriching student success. Your support and advice is critical to your student. Learning more about the common concerns and issues faced by GT and other college students can help you be informed guides. Tech students continuously strive for academic excellence and aspire to meet expectations for success and achievement. The role that parents and family members play in supporting the academic and personal success of students is crucial to their overall well-being and achievement. There are a number of resources that are available to Georgia Tech students to assist them academically and personally. Please take a look at our resources page for helpful information to use when talking to your student about where to turn for additional assistance. Together, we'll ensure that every student at GT has what they need to succeed.

Georgia Tech has many resources for students on campus - no matter who they are or what they are struggling with. Below is a list of some of these resources and how to take advantage of them.

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Georgia Tech Departments

The Counseling Center
The Counseling Center provides a wide variety of counseling services to eligible students and to the campus community. Our licensed psychologists and counselors, along with doctoral interns and graduate practicum trainees, specialize in working with college students. Our Center is located in Room 238 of the Smithgall Student Services (Flag) Building. Appointments can be made by visiting the Counseling Center. For more information, visit, or call 404-894-2575.

Dean of Students Office
The Dean of Students provides support to all students at Tech. Students dealing with emotional, physical, or financial issues can request to meet with a Dean to discuss the problem at hand. The Dean of Students also has an anonymous referral form on their website for members of the Tech community who are concerned about a fellow Yellow Jacket.

Psychiatry Clinic
The Psychiatry Clinic at Tech is located in the Stamps Health Services building. To make an appointment call 404-894-2585.

Center for Academic Success
The Center for Academic Success provides services to students seeking to succeed academically. They offer a variety of resources from free tutoring to coaching on test anxiety. To make an appointment, visit their website. If you think you may have a learning disability, Tech can help you get tested.

Provost Office
The Provost at Tech is responsible for providing a supportive academic environment at Tech. They serve as a liaison between faculty and students. If you are having an issue with a professor, you can anonymously fill out the academic grievance form to ensure the problem is addressed. For graduate students, the Provost offers the Faculty and Graduate Student Ombuds Program. Finally, Georgia Tech is committed to making sure that each student can reach their potential academically, no matter who they are. To find out more about Georgia Tech’s commitment to Title IX, visit the Office of Human Resources Title IX page.

Campus Recreation Center
The CRC serves the Tech community by inspiring and promoting a healthy lifestyle through diverse, quality recreational opportunities and services to enrich the mind, body, and spirit while enhancing lifelong learning.

Financial Aid
Georgia Tech’s Financial Aid Office exists to help students navigate their finances while studying. Each student is assigned a financial aid advisor- they offer walk-in hours Monday - Friday from 9:30 am - 4 PM. The office is located on the 3rd floor of the Bill Moore Student Success Center (connected to Bobby Dodd stadium). Both the Financial Aid office and the Dean of Students office also offer emergency loans for students with unforeseen tribulation through the Emergency 30-Day Loan Program, the Medical Assistance Fund and the Dean Griffin Hip Pocket Fund. Several student initiatives also seek to help students going through financial hardship, such as Kelmis Kitchen for students in need of meals, and Campus Closet for students in need of professional attire.

VOICE - Sexual Violence Prevention & Response
VOICE is a campus-wide initiative founded on the premise that everyone has the right to live and learn at Georgia Tech, free of violence or the threat of violence. This initiative seeks to create a campus culture that promotes respect, communication, and equity among the Georgia Tech community. The Women's Resource Center at Tech also has a victim advocate on call 24 hours a day 365 days / year. 404-385-4501 Sexual Assault Information: 404-894-9000 Grady Rape Crisis Center: 404-616-4861

Career Center
The Center for Career Discovery & Development advises students on finding internships, co-ops, and full time jobs. Each student has an advisor designated to help them with the process. If a student is unsure about what they want to pursue a career in, they can speak with a Career Development Advisor. Students can make an appointment through CareerBuzz or come during walk-in hours Tuesdays & Wednesdays 2-4 PM.

Health Promotion
Health Promotion exists to educate students on healthy behaviors - from alcohol use to sexual behavior. Health Promotion has a nutritionist on staff that students can meet with for just $5. To make an appointment to discuss healthy eating, gaining or losing weight, or general nutrition call 404-894-9980.

Burdell's Buddies
The peer counseling program is a component of Burdell’s Buddies whose mission is to support the Counseling Center in serving the Tech community. For more information, visit

Georgia Tech Mental Health Coalition
Contact Sam Holloway at to reach out to the Coalition.

For life- threatening emergencies, call 911

For counseling services, contact: Georgia Tech Counseling Center

For after hours, to speak with a counselor on-call, call: GTPD at (404) 894 -2204

For medical psychiatric services, contact: Stamps Psychiatry Clinic